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Sending her here was his idea of giving her some field experience. She took a deep calming breath and refocused on Sparkle. Even forbidden ones. Guests love the whole castle experience. Sparkle lowered the binoculars to look at Kayla. Sparkle nodded. Of course, eventually the fearless vampire slayer shows up to kick my butt and save the slaves. Every attraction in Live the Fantasy has a variety of role-playing opportunities.

They last for a half hour and then our customers can move on to another one. Kayla widened her eyes.

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Kayla waited impatiently for Sparkle to finish her sentence. She was tired. All she wanted to do was to go to her room and sleep. Sparkle never did finish that sentence. Instead she dropped her binoculars and swung to stare at the gray cat, her eyes wide and shocked. What the hell were they doing there? Kayla frowned. She was anal when it came to duty and job performance.

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A weakness. Now move it. She glanced down to see the cat padding alongside them. They raced down the winding stone steps instead of taking the elevator, ran across the great hall, and reached the hotel lobby in record time. Kayla was still busy congratulating herself on surviving with no broken limbs when Sparkle shouted. Kayla sucked in her breath. Talk about spectacular. One of them—a man with pale eyes that looked as though they could ice over with a single blink—nodded at Kayla.

Kayla scooped her jaw off the floor and answered. Zane narrowed his eyes at her tone.

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He offered me a job, and I accepted. About sixteen or seventeen.

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Beautiful even with the blue spiked hair. Kayla worried that Sparkle was about to tug off her boot and go to work on the unsuspecting Klepoth. But all Sparkle did was glare at him before shifting her attention to the last man. When did you get in? What happened? Talk to me, Eric.

He said he had an offer for me. Glad I did. He sounded disconnected, distant from the words he spoke. That probably meant something, but Kayla found it hard to concentrate on his words because she was having a tough time looking away from his gorgeous eyes. His eyes were the blue of that lake.

Sparkle tentatively reached out toward Eric and then yanked her hand back. Her expression hardened. As Eric walked away, Kayla breathed deeply and refocused on Sparkle. She took an instinctive step back. Sparkle had narrowed her eyes to amber slits. Okay, her client had officially lost it. Her thoughts about where the nearest mental health facility might be were interrupted by the sound of an explosion. She rushed to the glass doors along with Sparkle, the cat, and everyone else in the lobby.

Across the street, a small stand right inside the entrance to Nirvana was now nothing more than twisted metal. Best I could do, sweetbuns. Made it look like an electrical problem. A sarcastic voice. Frantically, Kayla scanned the people around her. Maybe she needed the mental health facility. Yo, down here. The cat. Find him. Incinerate his ass. Or send him into the past, the future.

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The Wizard. Michael McCormick. Music and Lyrics. Stephen Schwartz. Winnie Holzman.

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Joe Mantello. Wayne Cilento. Set Designer. Eugene Lee.

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  4. Costume Designer. Susan Hilferty. Lighting Designer. Kenneth Posner. Sound Designer. Tony Meola. William David Brohn. Musical Director. Stephen Oremus. Frequently Asked Questions about Wicked. Back to Top. He had refused the 'soft' Special Services option offered to entertainers. Just six months later Gladys was dead.

    When Elvis got home he rushed to the hospital and witnesses recall him closing the door where her body lay and wailing wildly. His aunt Lilian recalled how he sobbed: 'She's all we lived for, she was always my best girl'. And as his mother lay in an open coffin, he rearranged her clothing and brushed her hair. Lilian says: 'He couldn't stop touching her, kissing her, and whispering to her He carried around her nightgown, clutching it tightly even when he slept'. At Gladys's funeral he threw himself over her body in the coffin, and cried for her to come back to him.

    Family members said after her death 'He never seemed like Elvis again'. In the circumstances it's little surprise he didn't welcome Dee Stanley into his life. But he did invite her three sons, Billy, seven, David, four, and Rick, six, to live with him. They were eventually to join the gang known as the Memphis Mafia , the entourage who by never saying no to the King shared some of the blame for his drug-fuelled death.

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    Some even say it's because of Dee that Elvis needed his hangers-on. Determined to keep away from her, he withdrew behind this small group of trusted allies.

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    As his three stepbrothers grew up, instead of going to college and forging their own careers, they toured with Elvis as bodyguards, aides and 'TCBs': the initials of Elvis' motto 'Taking Care of Business'. Dee resented her family's total immersion in Elvis' life and she said of the book, 'Elvis: We Love You Tender', which is credited to Dee and her sons: 'It's the story of a wife and mother, her sons and how it felt to have the major portion of our lives consumed by Elvis' own life.

    We want the world to see the human suffering beneath the glittery veneer'. In an interview she went further. If there was a woman or man strong enough, Elvis would be alive today'. She blamed him for leading her sons into drug abuse too. She even insists Elvis felt guilty about it, weeping and asking: 'What have I done? She was accused of exploiting the star's name after his tragic death for her own personal gain. She answered: 'How could I exploit it any more than it has already been exploited?

    And besides, we all gave our lives to Elvis.