PCI Bus Demystified

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The CCustomTabPane also allows the objects that implement the tab panes to be treated in a polymorphic way by dealing with the base class that the tab pane classes inherit from. Both of these inherit from the CAbstractTabPane class which defines the interface that a Pane object must support to be able to plug in to the lower tabbed view. By using a standardized interface other panes can easily be added to the lower view should this be needed.

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Since the BAR panes potentially need to display millions of items each BAR range can be many MB in size a normal list control could not be used simply because it would be too slow. Therefore the PCI Explorer application uses a virtual list view. A virtual list view calls its owner back for each item that it needs to display.


In our case, we tell the list view how many items it needs to display for a BAR and the list view will call the application back for each item currently displayed. Because only a few hundred items are ever displayed at any time the refresh of the BAR panes is very fast even when scrolling through all the data in the BAR pane. To give the application a more modern look than provided by the default MFC menus we are using a custom, ownerdrawn menu instead of the default menu. The replacement menu has the newer white look instead of the older gray look.

PCI Bus Demystified

The replacement menu also supports inline images similar to those used by Microsoft Office. The Installshield installer also installs and starts the 'pciexdrv. The 'pciexdrv. Note that due to an issue with the Service Control Manager you may have to reboot your system if you want to reinstall the PCI Explorer application after having uninstalled it.

Features of PCI bus

If this is not done the driver may not be installed correctly and you'll get an error message from the PCI Explorer application at startup. The source code for PCI Explorer can be downloaded here. Build the project in the order listed above. You most likely have to adjust various include and linker paths depending on where you have your DDK directory installed on your local machine. ISBN 4th edition.

So What is a Computer Bus?

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Plug and Play Configuration. Configuration Address Space. Configuration Header Type 0. Capabilities List. Vital Product Data.

2nd Edition

Introducing PCI. Sideband Signals. An Example of Fairness. Basic ReadWrite Transactions. Transaction Termination Master.

Error Detection and Reporting. Optional and Advanced Features. The Interrupt Acknowledge Command. Electrical and Mechanical Issues. Signaling Environments 33V and 5V. Timing Specifications. Mechanical Details. Most of the chapters include liberal amount of figures and tables that make the book easy to understand.

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