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One thing the pair had on other men was the second job. They also worked for a very high-class escort service for women with particular and… intense tastes. Being paranoid made her hyper aware of the people around her, especially when the local sheriff was a frequent visitor. There seemed to be several people who not only knew about the side business the two vampires had going on, but also that they were vampires.

There was no denying their sex appeal. Zoe creamed her panties every day she went to work. These men exuded sex. The nasty, raunchy kind. They definitely fit the part they were apparently expected to play. She had heard them talking on more than one occasion about enjoyable bouts of kink. It was a good thing she was so good at her job. As it was, she had to constantly recheck her figures. She found concentration almost impossible at times. She was too busy trying to catch glimpses of the two sexy men. Oh, they were nice enough to almost everyone. Just not to her. Aside from that, they were the biggest assholes in the world.

They never smiled at her, never told her she did a good job, and treated her like a servant. Julian would know what she needed. By the time the brothers entered the office via the back entrance, she was back with everything they could possibly need. In fact, it looked like there had been plenty of complications last night. Blood and dirt streaked his clothing and face.

His hair was a matted mess instead of the shiny, silky black it normally was. You should have warned me. He could sense strong emotions, not read minds, and the strong emotions he could sense was what he fed from. Dorian rolled his eyes and Sebastian gave her a scathing look. Dorian barked a sharp laugh. When he took off his suit jacket and turned around, she saw nasty gashes on his back. They were deep and angry looking, already getting red at the edges as if infection was imminent.

She approached Dorian and carefully touched the edge of one such gash. She was used to it. When she reached out again to touch the irritated skin to see if it was warm, Dorian rounded on her. The only thing you need to concern yourself with is giving me the clothes I asked for, then getting the hell out! Zoe had never seen him like this.

Dorian looked absolutely furious. What the hell had she done to set him off? Zoe had never backed down from either of them before, but something in the way he looked at her scared the holy hell out of her.

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With one last angry look, Zoe turned and walked out the door. Fuck it. She had a vacation coming. More from Marteeka at Changeling Press …. She has been creating stories from her warped imagination since she was in the third grade. Her love of writing blossomed throughout her teenage years until it developed into the totally unorthodox and irreverent style her English teachers tried so hard to rid her of.

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Marteeka always welcomes e-mail from her readers. You can reach her at mkarland gmail. Caitlyn: Gorgeous. A survivor in an unforgiving galaxy. Jakob: Large. Mouthwateringly sexy. When he finally manages to catch up to her, he intends to do whatever it takes to keep her at his side.

Jakob stalked toward her, two hundred plus pounds of rippling muscle and attitude. His stiffly erect cock outlined in mouthwatering detail beneath his flight suit left little doubt as to what he wanted. Unfortunately, the glare he directed at her said he probably wanted to tan her hide first. Caitlyn had snuck out on him without any explanation the last time they were together. Something to do with their manly image and all that. She stood her ground, eyes darting wildly in all directions, seeking an escape route. Caitlyn let out a long sigh. Not happening.

Not this time. Only one viable one, really. If looks could kill, Caitlyn would be dead at his feet. He was still glaring when he pulled her into his arms and covered her lips with his mouth. Damn, he tasted good. Too good. Caitlyn wanted to run away and hide almost as much as she wanted to spread herself naked beneath him. This was crazy. Totally, completely, utterly crazy.

Yukio Mishima

Caitlyn was acting like some lovesick idiot, not a grown woman who had been taking care of herself since she was orphaned at the age of fourteen. Jakob gentled his hold and ran his tongue across the seam of her lips, coaxing her to open. When Caitlyn complied, he took immediate advantage, plundering the depths with his tongue.

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Caitlyn resisted for the merest fraction of a second before melting against his warm bulk, reveling in the feeling of his hard body against her. Never cared beyond the gratification of the physical act of joining. Too much was at stake to let herself get carried away with sentimental nonsense like love and happily ever after.

Hell, that was one of the reasons Caitlyn preferred to satisfy her amorous side with cyborgs. Cyborgs were sensible when it came to sex. They were generally happy to play; love them and leave them.

Why had Jakob pursued her across the vast reaches of the galaxy? She sighed, stretching her arms up to wrap them around his neck. Lust swept through her in a deliciously warm wave. To hell with expectations and unanswered questions. Caitlyn wanted Jakob, and by the size of that bulge in his flight suit, he wanted her just as much. She could afford to take the time to satisfy that need before she abandoned him again. The tavern just beyond had private rooms available. It looked like that was where they were heading, which suited her just fine. Find more from Anne at Changeling Press ….

Anne Kane lives in the beautiful Okanagan Valley with a bouncy little rescue dog whose breed defies description, a cantankerous Himalayan cat, and too many fish to count. She spent many years trying to fit in and act normal, but finally gave up the effort. She started writing romance in , and her fate was sealed when she won a publishing contract with Red Sage Publishing and just a month later Changeling Press accepted her first submission.

Since then she has published more than thirty stories in a variety of sub-genres, all with a happily ever after. She has two handsome sons and six adorable grandchildren and enjoys spending time with them whenever she can. Jess is bored and a little jaded, thinking maybe he might let his membership to Club Endless lapse.

Then he sees Kane in a whole new light, asking the young sub out on a date away from the club. The entry to Club Endless was still timeless black and chrome and the hostess who took his membership card was young and sleek in a black sequined sheath and heels. Her hose even had seams up the back, marching in a straight line. Perfect in every way. He was a founding member of Club Endless, and while it had changed with the times, it was as amazing as it had been when it first opened, while managing to stay current. He sighed. Maybe he needed to let his membership go dormant for a while.

Write it off as a contribution or something. Take a long vacation in Italy. He loved Rome. Or maybe the coast. Shall I tell you, or would you prefer to read the menu? Kane blinked, then beamed at him. It amazed Jess, really, how little it took to make people happy. He needed to remember that, and stop wallowing in his ennui. Kane was back in a flash, laying out his water and silverware, which was all polished impeccably. Are you ready, Sir? For primi, we have risotto al funghi, polenta with caramelized fennel and onions, or cacio e pepe. Do you need any ingredient lists? So, rice with mushrooms, corn grits with fennel, or pasta with oil and pepper.

He tilted his head, almost certain he was being flirted with, which was new from Kane. Let me get that order in for you. Do you care for soup or grissini? I went without lunch today. Not new, and not better than Italy, but he did like when a beautiful boy batted eyelashes at him. He truly did.

Their sommelier, Grant, was something of a genius. Jess closed his eyes, listening to the gentle clink of flatware on plates, the soft music that never managed to make anyone raise their voices to be heard over it. The murmur of conversation ran over him like water, the tables arranged so no voice ever carried too far or intruded on another table. Hey, buddy. Mind if I sit? Head tilting, Deacon stared at him for long seconds. No, in fact I was thinking of taking a hiatus, maybe a vacation.

I feel… worn. How are you this evening? May I bring you some water?

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Maybe he was getting flirted with. He drew glances with his silver gilt hair and gray eyes, his form lithe, almost delicate. Men, and probably women, would write poetry about such a beautiful boy. More from Julia at Changeling Press …. Here is a quick grammar tip that will always help you sound more native: Write in an active voice and avoid the passive voice. The subject line is usually the first thing someone reads before they decide to open your email. This also means that the subject line holds the key to whether your email is opened, ignored, or deleted.

This particular subject line real-life example by the way is vague, indirect and does not hint to me at all what the content of the email will be about. Like any busy person, your teammates receives a ton of email every day, and would certainly appreciate the extra effort of a descriptive subject line. So, how do you write a good subject line? Be clear, direct and describe the content of your email. Go ahead and tell them what to expect. Here are some good examples of subject lines :. To kick off the email, you should begin with an appropriate greeting.

There are two components to the greeting: the salutation and the opening sentence. Most non-native English speakers, probably out of fear of offending someone, tend to stick to just one salutation -- Dear [X]. No matter the context, non-native English speakers will use Dear [X] over and over again. The appropriate salutation actually depends on the situation.

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While the subject line determines whether your email is opened, your opening sentence determines whether your email is read till the end. Find out what your recipient is interested in.

Look around their social media profiles e. Do a Google search on their name, and see if anything interesting comes up.


With this information, you can write an opening sentence that builds rapport. Show that you understand them, what they need, and how you can help them.

follow site Showing that you understand their challenges helps build trust. According to Statista , we send and receive roughly billion emails a day. To write an email that is opened, read and acted upon is not easy. You have to put in the work upfront to ensure that the email is professional, empathetic, and easy to read. No one is eagerly awaiting a three-page essay arriving in their inbox. Here's one I received recently:. Instead, keep the email short, concise and to the point. Stick to essential and specific information. When you need to include a lot of information in an email, it's probably better to suggest a phone call or a meeting instead.

Pro-Tip: Use this free me eting tool to schedule your meetings faster and avoid back-and-forth emails. To prevent all kinds of tech issues from coming up, stick to what is safe. Use web-safe email fonts like:. This will ensure that your recipient will receive your message in a normal font no matter what devices or operating system they are using. Due to the influx of emails one receives, an email you sent early in the morning could be buried at the bottom of his inbox by the time your recipient checks it.

This may also mean that all your hard work spent crafting the email would be wasted. It might be during lunch. It might be Sunday evening when they are preparing for the week ahead. It might even be Friday -- they're probably in a good mood because the weekend is coming. You need your email copy to sound human.

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