75 Habits for a Happy Marriage: Marriage Advice to Recharge and Reconnect Every Day

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They'll learn how to transform their relationship with meaningful gestures that instantly enhance communication and intimacy through exercises, including: Before getting out of bed in the mornings, take one minute to meditate together, helping the tenderness and compassion you feel for your partner to stay with you throughout the day At the end of each day, hug your partner for at least 20 seconds and tell them how glad you are to be home Create a secret signal that only your partner recognises allowing you to make an intimate connection even when you're at the grocery store, at a cocktail party, or at dinner with your family This interactive guide will empower readers to enhance their connection shared with their partners in order to build a joyful and long-lasting marriage.

With the guidance and practices detailed in 75 Habits for a Happy Marriage, you will enrich the bond you share with your partner and build a happy, supportive, and long-lasting marriage. She has completed advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples. Together, they developed the tools that helped them recover from their first marriages and stay happy and in love every day.

Help Centre. Track My Order. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Be the first to write a review. Add to Wishlist. Ships in 7 to 10 business days. Link Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed. Description Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Respect each other always and in all things find a way. In marriage, we tend to repeat patterns from childhood. Your spouse does the same. If you can change the patterns of how you respond to your spouse, systems theory has shown there will also be a change in how your spouse responds to you.

You are often reacting to your spouse and if you can do the work to change this, you can create a positive change not only in yourself but also in your marriage. Always remember that your partner is not your enemy and that the words you use in anger will remain long after the fight is over. So make your point firmly, but gently. The respect you show your partner, especially in anger, will build a strong foundation for many years to come. Can you resolve or forgive or let go in a fairly short amount of time? This attitude is often the destroyer of a relationship.

None of us can be totally loving all the time, but these particular ways of relating are truly harmful to your marriage. The best advice I can give to a married couple is not to underestimate the power of communication. Communicate often and with authenticity. Ditch those rose-colored glasses! Instead of trying to get your partner to see and understand you and your perspective, do your best to see and understand theirs.

Inside of that generosity, you will be able to truly love and appreciate them. If you can mix this with an unconditional acceptance of what you find when you get inside of their world, you will have mastered the partnership. Give your partner the benefit of the doubt. Take them at their word and trust that they, too, are trying. What they say and feel is valid, just as much as what you say and feel is valid.

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Have faith in them, believe them at their word, and assume the best in them. Expect to be unhappy. Not helpful advice for a married couple. Or positive in any way. But hear me out. We get into relationships and marriage, thinking, expecting rather that it is going to make us happy and secure.

And in reality, that is not the case. If you go into marriage, expecting it, the person or the environment to make you happy, then you better start planning to be irritated and resentful, unhappy, a lot of the time. Expect to have times that are amazing, and times that are frustrating and aggravating. Expect to not feel validated, or seen, heard, and noticed at times, and also expect that you will be placed on such a high pedestal your heart may not be able to handle it.

Expect that you will be in love just like the day you met, and also expect that you will have times you dislike each other a whole lot. Expect that you will laugh and cry, and have the most amazing moments and joys, and also expect you will be sad and angry and scared. Expect that you are you, and they are them and that you connected, and married because this was your friend, your person, and the one that you felt you could conquer the world with. Expect you will be unhappy, and that you are the only one to make yourself truly happy!

It is your responsibility to ask for what you need, contribute your part to be able to feel all those expectations, positive and negative, and at the end of the day, still expect that person to kiss you goodnight. Cultivate a habit to overlook the flaws and warts Dr. I would advise a married couple to look for the good in each other.

There will always be things about your partner that annoy you or disappointment you. What you focus on will shape your marriage. Focus on the positive qualities of your partner. This will increase happiness in your marriage. Marriage is a journey, a constantly evolving relationship that requires listening, learning, adapting, and allowing influence. Marriage is work, but if it is not also fun and playfully, it is probably not worth the effort. The best marriage is not a problem to be solved but a mystery to be relished and embraced.

Separately, list things that are important to each of you.

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Next, talk through the investments you both believe are important for your marriage. Commit to doing what it takes to having marital wealth. Take a course together on Non-Violent Communication Rosenberg and use it. Talk directly about the sexuality you share: appreciations and requests. The best advice I would give to a married couple would be to know yourself. No one goes unscathed here. If, however, you are aware of them and have learned to disarm them when triggered, you can prevent fifty-percent if not more of the conflicts you experience with your partner and spend more time focusing on attention, affection, appreciation, and connection.

Yes, after months or years of discord in the relationship, you might not like your spouse anymore. It also begins to show more respect toward them which is also very important in building and maintaining a marriage. This also improves conflict resolution by removing passive-aggressive behaviors. Make commitment. For a long, really long haul Lynda Cameron Price , Ed. The best marriage advice that I would give any married couple is to understand what true commitment means.

So very often we have difficulties committing to anything for a long period of time. We change our minds just like we change our clothes. True commitment in marriage is loyalty even when no one is looking and choosing to love and stay the course regardless of how you feel at that moment. The number one marriage tip to have a passionate marriage is to communicate to them using THEIR communication style. Once you learn their style, you can communicate perfectly to them and they will actually understand you!

Become compassionately curious about what makes them tick. This will nurture.

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LaWanda N. These factors are very important to the success and longevity of your marriage. Make your relationship a priority! Schedule a repeating time for your relationship every week, build on the quality of your friendship, invest in learning about relationships.

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Apply what you have learned. Most of us were never taught how to have a successful relationship. It is important to learn how to communicate especially during conflict.

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Remember the little things matter. Take time to dream, express gratitude and love to each other. Keep the spontaneity alive and be gentle with one another you both are doing the best you can. There are so many things to consider as it all depends on where the couple is in their development. Individual or Shared dreams-Anything goes: the important piece is to hear, honor and support them.

As difficult as it is, to make a relationship work you must point the finger at yourself.

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My best marriage advice for any couple is to truly seek to understand the messages your spouse is sending to you. Many couples struggle because they assume their own perception is the only way to see their relationship. This is the cause of most conflict as both partners fight assumptions to be truly heard by one another.

They can see through the anger to get to the heart of the issues and use the conflict to build a better relationship.

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The best advice I could give a married couple is to get present with yourself and your relationship. Often times we run on autopilot in how we relate to ourselves, our experience and our interpersonal relationships. We tend to react from a certain position or a fixed way of seeing things. We tend to put out partners in a box and this can instigate a breakdown in communication. When we take the time to slow down and cultivate mindful awareness, we can choose to respond in a different way.

We create the space to see and experience things differently. Fight fair with your partner. Keeping boundaries in place for tough moments are subconscious reminders that you will still wake up in the morning to face another day together. A brain scan study of couples that are still passionately in love after twenty-one years on average of marriage showed these partners have the special ability to overlook the things that get under their skin, and hyper-focus on what they adore about their partner.

The best way to do this is through the daily practice of gratitude, appreciating one thoughtful thing they did that day. How do we make it work so well after decades together:. Drop that defense! Remember to continue to be curious about your partner. Seek to understand their perspective before you get defensive.

Own your part in misunderstandings, work hard to communicate your thoughts and feelings, dreams and interests, and find ways to connect in little ways daily. Remember you are love partners, not enemies. Be a safe place emotionally and look for the good in each other. Love thrives only when you nourish and nurture the relationship, consistently Lola Sholagbade , M. Date your spouse like you are not married to them DR. The best advice I would give is to continue to treat each other the way you did when you were dating.

By that I mean, act very happy when you first see or talk to each other, and be kind.

follow link Some of these things can fall by the wayside when you have been with someone for a while. Sometimes the way spouses treat each other would not have gotten a second date, let alone to the altar! Think about how you may be taking each other for granted or if you have been remiss in treating your spouse well in other ways. My advice to couples is to know where you end and your partner begins. Yes, it is important to have a close connection, communicate and find time to have bonding experiences, but your individuality is just as important. If you are dependent on your partner for entertainment, comfort, support, etc.

Having a fulfilling relationship is like being good tango partners. If you had to give an advice to a married couple, what would that be? Invest in a strong friendship with your partner. While sex and physical intimacy are important in a marriage, marital satisfaction increases if both partners feel there is a strong friendship holding the marital foundation. So make the same if not more! Be Friends!

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